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Comparing Products and Pricing

BrandVantage makes it easier to monitor your competition by giving you access to product and pricing data.

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Keeping an eye on product pricing

Monitoring product pricing of your competitors is an important step for large e-commerce sites. When they change their prices, that can easily have a flow-on effect on your own sales.

Whether you would intend to adjust your prices to match, do a spot sale or a marketing campaign to show how your product is superior, being able to know about pricing changes is important.

BrandVantage uses a variety of techniques to extract pricing data from a page. Our API makes it easy to access for integration into your own systems.

Product review ratings

Monitoring product changes

While pricing data is very useful, it doesn't paint the full picture of a product. Getting detailed product data includes not only things like names, descriptions and prices, it can also include product reviews.

When BrandVantage is extracting product data, it attempts to identify reviews and other useful product information, returning it in a standardised format for you to process.

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