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BrandVantage makes it easier to gather well-structured data for your unique machine learning needs using the largest data source available - the internet itself.

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An example of text emphasis

More than just text: Data for NLP

Not all text is created equal when doing Natural Language Processing (NLP). Depending on the data source, the subtle nuances of language can be missing like where emphasis is intended in a sentence. Additionally, the ideal text won't have junk data mixed in.

For text fields, BrandVantage provides a simplified HTML structure that helps keep the nuance in while throwing the junk out.

You won't have random HTML divs like ads in your text, just HTML the convey's the most intent from the content author.

An example of image recognition

Recognising the possibilities

Image recognition is a powerful tool for applications for a variety of different usecases. The difficulty with images is that, depending how you source them, they may have no associated tags to label them.

This is where structured data comes in - having images tied to well-defined types, you can have more confidence in the labeling of the data.

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